Saint Louie - Mixtape June 2010 (doublesided mixtape)

I know, it's been a while, I'm sorry (!), but the 'more or less' monthly mixtape editions are back! Due to some technical issues, I wasn't able to put anything up the web any sooner but hopefully this 'double'sided tape will make up for it.

Although my last few tapes were generally focussed on progressive house, spring and summer 2010 are bringin' it back to house and techhouse. The first tape, side A, is a bit more mellow, more vocals and perhaps a bit less techhousier than it's darker brother, Side B. I do recommend you downloading both. The first one finishes where the second starts and this side ofcourse begins where the other stopped (duh!). Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

Rg. The DJ

p.s. I have also added an officially unreleased unofficial mixtape/demo which was recorded in April by dj DanDemain and myself. It's a bit harder than the doublesider above, but perhaps you will enjoy this one aswell..

Mixtapes June:

Saint Louie - Mixtape June 2010 (Side A - brighter side).m4a - [ M4a | 192kbps | June.'10 ] New!
Saint Louie - Mixtape June 2010 (Side B - darker side).m4a - [ M4a | 192kbps | June.'10 ] New!

Officially unreleased unofficialy mixtape by Hou-c-licious Project (aka Dj's Saint Louie & DanDemain)

Hou-c-licious Project - Mixtape April 2010.mp3 - [ MP3 | 192kbps | Apr.'10 ] Almost New!

The 'by-now-really-old-stuff'

Saint Louie's Tape IV - [ MP3 | 192kbps | Oct. '09 ]
Saint Louie's EP Number Three - [ M4A | 192kbps | Aug. '09 ]
Saint Louie Turns It Up A Notch - [ M4A | 192kbps | July '09 ]
Saint Louie's Smokin Summermix - [ M4A | 192kbps | July '09 ]

Most of the above are in the m4a (Apple) format. However this format should play on most mp3 players and Windows devices but is best suited for iTunes, iPhone and/or iPod users. Main advantage is that it can show chapters and album covers on these devices. If the mix does not play on your device, please drop me an email and I'll arrange a regular mp3 download for these previous mixtapes.


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